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Hotel Sheraton, Kati II
Shqiperia - Tirane

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E hene - E shtune 09:00 - 18:00 Support Teknik 24h

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Mediaboard Albania - Mediaboard Albania

...of WiFi through promotions events and best offers of the day!
We are MEDIABOARD Albania marketing innovation Albania through WiFi System.
Mediaboard Albania is part of the MEDIABOARD group that is present in the Ballkan region and Europe. The core business is application of new and emerging technologies related to Internet advertising. Our vision is to take the leading role in the field of Internet advertising in Albania by following the latest technology development trends, with a pinch of courage and top-notch customer service.

Our innovation in the region is WiFi billboard, a service with all the attributes of modern advertising. This service creates new advertising space within the existing WiFi networks of bars, restaurants, shopping malls, parks, city squares and transportation hubs. This advertising space is then used to advertise a product or a service, to announce an event, perform a poll, with a possibility of getting an accurate and timely statistics for that online traffic

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