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Original new Apple iPhone 7 Plus 12...

Postuar nga Dickson ne 07/04/18

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Cmimi : 510,00 €

Qyteti/Fshati : durres

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Our products are authentic 100% original genuine brand with guarantee and return / refund policy. The delivery is 100% safe and is sent directly to your door without any delay.

We are located here in the United States of America, we deliver all over the world

WhatsApp:- +15673313526

Apple iPhone 8 + Free Watch
Apple iPhone 8 Plus + Free Watch
Apple iPhone x +Free Watch

Apple iPhone 7 + Free Watch
Apple iphone 7 Plus +Free Watch
Apple iPhone 7 Pro + Free Watch

Samsung S9
Samsung Note 8
Samung Galaxy 8 Plus

Shipping to Albania, Kosovo, Durres, Tirane, Diber, Mexico, Mat, Puke, Vlore, and all other countries

For the interior, deliveries are made by DHL or the one you prefer from 24 to 48 hours.Whatsapp: +15673313526

Payment is by Western union, Bitcoin Payment system Whatsapp: +15673313526

Factory guarantee 100% guaranteed (international)
Genuine / authentic 100% guaranteed product
100% guaranteed after sales support
100% fast shipping guaranteed


Not satisfied !? Send all back within 30 days!!!
Not satisfied !? Money back in 5 days, once receive the return item!!!
Not satisfied? Quick solution in 3 days!!!

WhatsApp:- +15673313526

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